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Daisy Solar Pool Covers Daisy pool covers are a must in Australia’s harsh climate.

What can a Daisy Solar Cover do for your pool?

  • Exclusive UltraDomeTM technology eliminates weak points creating a thicker, stronger blanket.
  • Super-toughened polyethylene resists salt, sun and chemicals.
  • Cut evaporation by 97%.
  • Use solar pool heating to warm your pool — free — by up to 8ºC — giving you months more swimming time.
  • Help keep out leaves and dirt.
  • Cut salt and chemical use by up to 50%.
  • Reduce pool heating costs.
  • Roll on or off in 30 seconds when combined with a Daisy Roller System.

All of these benefits add up to you having a pool that is easier to maintain, cheaper to run and maximises the time you can spend enjoying your swimming pool.

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