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Daisy UltraDome Solar Pool Cover: How it works

The translucent Daisy UltraDome pool cover allows maximum sunlight and heat into your pool.

Short wavelength solar energy passes easily through the cover, generating heat like a magnifying glass. This heat is retained by the insulating qualities of the blanket’s bubble material and the air pockets between the cover and the water – similar to double glazing.

Dark material impedes the flow of light and therefore heat. Similarly, silver-backed material tends to reflect light and heat like a mirror. Neither of these types of pool cover will heat your pool as effectively as a translucent Daisy UltraDome Solar Pool Cover.

Not only does the Daisy Solar Pool Cover let the heat in, but the exclusive UltraDome bubble technology also provides excellent insulation – trapping the heat in to warm your pool and extend your swimming time by months.

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