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Swimming Pool Cover/Blanket Installation: How to install your pool cover/blanket

Swimming Pool Cover/Blanket Installation

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Ensure the pool water level is correct.
  2. Lay the cover bubble side down on the pool water (smooth side up).
  3. Remove any air pockets beneath the cover with your pool broom.
  4. Cut your cover with a normal pair of scissors, to the shape of your pool. When finished, we recommend you leave around 75mm (3") rising up the side of your pool. While cutting ensure you watch the side you are not cutting (or have help) as it is easy to accidentally pull the cover away from the opposite side while you are cutting—and this can result in the cover being too small. We recommend you do a “rough” cut first, around 100mm larger than the pool, then finally trim the cover to its final size of 75mm larger than your pool.

It’s a simple job that can be completed by one person in no more than half an hour.