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frankspiceSwimming Pool Cover/Blanket Measurement: How to measure your swimming pool

  1. Measuring your pool is simply a matter of measuring the maximum water level width and length of the main body of water.This will give you Width: A and Length: B for the main body of your pool.
  2. If you have any steps, then measure the step area separately as set out below.
  3. If you have a shaped pool, treat as rectangular as per the examples below:

measure pool blanket

Daisy will include extra material to allow for an upturn and shrinkage, so the exact water level measurements are all that are required.

Your Daisy Pool Cover will be supplied in one piece, to the correct size and including any step areas, ready to go straight onto your pool. All that you need to do is trim it carefully to the exact shape of your pool with a pair of normal household scissors.

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